JCH CH Trimere Touch of Spice   x  JCH CH C.I.B. Idol Jack od Stroupinského potoka

* 24.10.2012 - 15.01.2024

IDOL JACK OD STROUPINSKÉHO POTOKA Buxus of Klamar Garden Petranella Perfick (UK)

Ciboulette de Syringa (SWI)


Corry od Stroupinského potoka Amberside Action Man (UK)

Aki od Horáčků


TRIMERE TOUCH OF SPICE (UK)  Calvdale Black to the Future (UK)


Baldragon Back Again

Calvdale Take No Prisoners


Trimere True Sensation (UK)


Trimere Trading Places With Sheledams (UK)

Trimere True Destiny (UK)


ROSE 2017ROSE 04 2017 2

                                              PRACOVNÍ PES ROKU 2015, 2016                                                                                                            MEMORIÁL MILENY ŠTĚRBOVÉ 2016

TOP DOG 2017 ROSEMM2016 12

MM2016 4MM2016 2

Rosi headRozka 2017 10

IDS Tulln 2015 / Sieger Tulln 2015

"Rosalie" our lovely girl makes us happy. She won her champion class, best bitch, CACIB, "Sieger Tulln" and BOS.

Our young lady has completed the title of INTERNATIONAL SHOW CHAMPION at the age of 2 years


Rosalie 2 x 1. cena a 2 x CACT a NEJLEPŠÍ SLÍDIČ CELÉHO POHÁRUyes

Hunting trial "Cup of Hunting World"  1st day - field work, 2nd day - work on the water and in the reeds.

 Rosalie worked with great enthusiasm without mistakes. First prize, title CACT, best of all Spaniels.

.heartindecisionyesyesCRUFTS 2014yesyeswinkheart

Attractive bitch with great body proportions and so well presented this bitch moved so powerfully

and with purpose I don’t doubt she could do a full days work and more !

(Mrs. Fran Glendinning)


14 month old, CACIB Nürnberg January 2014  - JUN. CAC, BOJ, BOB yes

9 month

8 month



Club Ability working test 1. Price (at the age of 6 month)

Spurlaut 4, Nase 4, Spurwille 4, Spursicherheit 4, Stöberanlage 4, Verhalten am Wasser 4, Führigkeit 3, Allgemeiner Gehorsam 4, Verhalten auf Schuss 4


 4 month


3 month

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