My name is Martina. I live in Prague with my family: husband Mirek, daughter Jeannette, son Philip, several dogs and a british cat called Prince Edward. The fact that we live in a big city does not mean that my dogs live only urban life. A place where we live is full of green, our street leads into beautiful meadows and forest. My dogs run around there of every day. Sometimes we meet hares, rabbits, a deer or a pheasant. And from time to time a wild pig. There are a lot of them around.

I have built our house is in functionalist style. One of my hobbies is modern architecture. The house is fully adapted for living together with our dog family members and still meets our demanding requirements. It reflects my nature and my character. I am demanding to myself and when I do something I am doing it perfect, never accept to be average. Perfection is a luxury, but to be above average is achievable.


I have graduated at a Tourism High School in Prague. In the charming area of South Bohemia in Trebon  I own and run a recreation area "Holiday Village Martina" Our guests can come to us with their dog. The objects are fully adapted for wheelchair users.

Dogs accompanied me all my life. Since I've got my own family it's the "coolest" breed for me is English Springer Spaniel. I am supported fully by my wonderful husband Mirek, nevertheless his darling is our cat named Oscar. When I am joining dog shows or have other dog related activities he is playing golf and we are both happy.

My daughter Jeannette sometimes helps me at dog shows. She is an excellent handler.


And besides boxlacrosse-goalie my son Philip is a great dog trainer and inseparable friend of our entire pack.

The springers are involved in our daily life. They can travel throughout Europe, are exemplary hotel guests, adapt themselves to all situations and demands. A boat trip, ferry, cable car drive. a trip by airplane trip, or Eurotunnel. No problem for them . I would like to point out that I do not kow any other breed which is that adaptable, that does not know any aggression has a noble beautiful and aristocratic look and great intelligence on top.


Characteristics of my springers:


* delicate cheerful nature without being aggressive


* cheerful, playful, adaptable without nervousness


* look of a elegant dog without gross defects


* ageless, very healthy, playful nature of them remains into old age


* excellent working dog with a wide use and loving coach potato, unassuming family dog​​, loves little children, easily to be trained (calm at home, cheerful and active outdoors)


* My model is an English and Scandinavian type, with an emphasis on preservation of a medium height dog


With our dogs we won many great friends around the world. Due to our common activities we do together with them, we made several trips around the world. We always say what it was a wonderful vacation. We would never think about such such trips if we would not have our dogs. Life without a dog is boring. Get a springer and your life will change and be much richer! A springer is also a great therapy dog.


My kennel is small, the dogs are involved in family life. Breeding is only my hobby. I try to provide highest quality, not quantity.


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